Xiaomi VR Glass probably sells for $13.6

Deutsche Bank predicts that the mobile VR users will mount to 18 million yearend 2016. And Digi-Capital predicts that VR/AR hardware and software market potential will mount to 150 billion dollars, and grow yoy 100% in the coming 5 years. Another gaming industry analytical company, SuperData preditcs that VR headset will sell 70 million by yearend 2017.

Whatever, this reveals the mainstream trend no company can disregard. Right at present, Apple, Google, Microsoft, Facebook and Alibaba, Tencent, Baidu, Xiaomi and a lot more companies have big concern on VR/AR.

Xiaomi Mi VR/AR R&D Center

Xiaomi is a player we can’t miss out. Xiaomi had already registered a Xiaomi VR account on Sina Weibo, which suggests Xiaomi already gets involved in VR/AR industry. And Xiaomi CEO Lei Jun claimed in a live streaming that Xiaomi VR is in progress, and the first VR product, most probably a VR Glass, probably be launched in August this year. Lei Jun claims this Mi VR Glass only supports smartphone like Mojing VR. So many consumers have a concern, that is how much Xiaomi Mi VR Glass is.

Xiaomi Mi VR Headset

At present there are 2 kinds of VR prodcuts. One requires a smartphone to work with, such as the simple Google Cardboard, and the better Samsung Gear VR; the other doesn’t require smartphone to work with, such as Sony PlayStation VR and HTC Vive.

Many Mi Fans estimate Mi VR Glass will not sell more than 100 CNY ($15.4), and probably it will sell for 89 CNY ($13.6) or 99 CNY ($15.3).

Source: VRWonderwork.com