Xiaomi is going to turn over the downturn tendency, said by Apple’s former CEO John Sculley.

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Apple Former CEO John Sculley being interviewed by Forbes

John Sculley became famous probably because he fired Steve Jobs, one of Apple’s cofounder, from Apple.

Back in 1983, Steve invited John Scully to join Apple with a worldwide famous saying ” Do you want to sell sugar water for the rest of your life, or do you want to change the world with us?”.

After a short honeymoon since John Sculley joined Apple, he and Steves had more and more divergence. And in September 1985, Steve Jobs was fired by Apple Board.

Anyhow, John Scully didn’t have good time at Apple for long, he gave up the sales mechanics by Steve Jobs, but still failed to survive Apple. John Scully got scolded while competing against IBM, and then quit Apple in 1993.

Afterward John Sculley invested in a lot of companies, including Live Picture, PopTech, Wine Clip, Zeta Interactive and so on. Just none of these companies goes great at last.

Anyhow, those are old stories. Here is the story that is happening at PRESENT.  John Sculley is bullishing Xiaomi.

Funny, but why?

In 2014, John Sculley started a smartphone company called Obi Worldphone win Dubai. At that time John Sculley claimed he did a deep research about Xiaomi in China.

In John Sculley’s opinion, China’s domestic market is almost full, and a lot of competitors. Thus Xiaomi, Huawei and other China’s companies are expecting to grow in the oversea market which grows 30% to 40% every year.

John Scully thinks still a lot of users in the oversea market are using featured phones, and they expect to own a cheap smartphone. These youth cannot afford Apple’s and Samsung’s products, so they need cheaper smartphones. So John Scully thinks their chance is to make the smartphone cheaper for the general consumers to afford without sacrificing the beautiful design and smooth operation.

John Sculley said, China’s smartphones appear cheap, but not in fact; instead they are higher products. Xiaomi and Huawei smartphones are quite expensive. So in the developing countries and area, the people still cannot afford Xiaomi, and then John Sculley started Obi company.

In the long run, John Sculley still thinks, Xiaomi will turn over the downturn tendency even when Xiaomi didn’t sell well in 2015 and only sold 70 million.

John Sculley told QQ Tech that Xiaomi CEO Lei Jun is their pioneer.

In the interview, John Scully also talked a lot about Tesla, Apple, Google, Facebook, Electric Auto, and those innovations happening in China now.