Xiaomi is asking for advices and suggestions on Xiaomi Mi6

Since October 26, 2016, Xiaomi is asking for advices and suggestiongs on next Xiaomi product by doing an online survey, this online survey is still available now. You can still take part in it if you want to bring your impact on next Xiaomi product.  Xiaomi doens’t mention this online survey is for Xiaomi Mi6 or which specific smartphone, but it is guessed Xiaomi Mi6.

Here is the Xiaomi official link for the statement on the survey. Who takes part in the survey will have be gifted F-Code (a priority code) to buy Xiaomi Mi Note 2.  You can also directly visit this Xiaomi survey page in Chinese, probably you better translate it.

Survey on Xiaomi Mi6

According to the Xiaomi survey, Xiaomi Mi6 will stick to the price tag of 1999 yuan ($305), and may be 5.2″ or 5.5″, and here is the 3 options of core specs.

  • Smartphone A: Snapdragon 8XX + 20MP Camera + Metal Chasiss + 4GB Ram + 128 GB
  • Smartphone B: Snapdragon 65X + Dual Lenses + 4 Curved Sides Chasiss of Glass + 4GB Ram + 64GB Rom
  • Smartphone C: Snapdragon 65X + Dual Lenses + Metal Chasiss + 6GB Ram + 64GB Rom

Xiaomi Mi6 is estimated to come out around June 2017.

Xiaomi Mi6
Xiaomi Mi6

Some other rumor articulated that Xiaomi Mi6 would have 5.7″ LGD OLED display and 6GB Ram, power Snapdragon 823, feature metal chasiss and dual 12MP or 13MP camera, and get announced around the Spring Festival in 2017, namely around the end of January 2017.

And here is a rumored Xiaomi Mi 6 prototype.

Xiaomi Mi6
Xiaomi Mi6

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