What does Xiaomi CEO Lei Jun say at WuZhen Summit – 2016 World Internet Conference?

Xiaomi CEO (right) and Lenovo CEO (left), attending 2016 World Internet Conference at WuZhen Summit, Zhe Jiang Province

The 2016 World Internet Conference began from November 16, 2016 and ended on November 19, 2016 and was held at WuZhen Town, Zhe Jiang Province.

Xiaomi CEO Lei Jun attended the WuZhen Summit and received interview in the the entreprenuer group interview section. Lei Jun said that Xiaomi has two innovations in 2016, one is Xiaomi Mi Mix smartphone, the other is new retail model.

Xiaomi had made technology breakthrough and when all smartphones look alike each other, Xiaomi is bold to try new things. Xiaomi released a brand new smartphone Mi Mix which is warmly welcome by Xiaomi hardcore fans.

In the past, especially before the beginning of 2016, Xiaomi is more like an ecommerce smartphone maker. And since 2016,  Xiaomi started to open offline stores and hopes to bring down the cost of offline stores and makes it closer to that of ecommerce. And so far so good, Xiaomi has made it very close to the ecommerce cost.

When talking about innovation, Lei Jun also said that China’s demostic market grew super fast in the past 5 years, and how to innovate in technology next and how to go global has become a new problem and a new mission; that among the world’s top 10 smartphone makers, 6 are from China, but we still need to see if China’s companies can make breakthrough; and that there are two great moutains blocking China’s smartphone makers – Apple and Samsung.

Lei Jun hopes China’s companies can make breakthrough in the future.