Samsung sues back Huawei in Beijing asking for 80.5 million Yuan compensation

Samsung is reportedly to sue back Huawei in Beijing on July 21 citing Huawei infringes Samsung’s patents and asking for 80.5 million Yuan compensation. Not just Huawei, but also Beijing Hengtongda Store is sued by Samsung at the same time and asked for 80.5 million Yuan compensation. So this time Samsung is going to ask total 161 million Yuan compensation.

Samsung claims that Huawei Mate 8, other Honor smartphones and tablets abused (1) Samsung’s methods and equipments to transit and receive the controlling information in the random section for mobile telecommunication, (2) methods and digital cameras to record the dynamic images and other 4 more patents. So Samsung requests Huawei and Hengtongda to shop producing and selling the related products and infringing Samsung’s patents.

An insider tells that Samsung sues Huawei not just in Beijing, but also in Shenzhen and XiAn. This is viewed a fightback from Samsung against Huawei. Back in May 2016, Huawei sued Samsung in Shenzhen China and USA against Samsung for IP infringement, and then sues Samsung again in Quanzhou, Fujian Province, asking for 80 million Yuan. The main reason Huawei do so may be to monetize its patents through authorization, just like Ericsson. Ericsson had got about 9 billion dollars revenue through patents authorization since 2008. Huawei even successfully signed a contract for patents authorization with Apple recently.

Many industry insiders estimated that Samsung and Huawei would sue each other worldwide but probably and finally reach amicable settlement in this Samsung vs Huawei war.