How Many Patents Xiaomi Has Got Granted In 6 Year?

Technology is the basis of survival and the guarantee for development to a high tech company. How powerful a company is in technology reflects on the patents it owns.

This time we are going to take Xiaomi as an example and analyze it.

Xiaomi has been critical of lack of patents and technology all the time, but in fact Xiaomi has owned many patents, shown by the data. Xiaomi has got totally 7171 patents, shocking many people who have no idea yet, and 92.55% are of invention patents. This is a great progress and milestone for a company 6 year old, though most the patents are now underway of application, and only 12.62 granted.

The trends as of June 2016 shows that most Xiaomi patents are filed these two years, especially 2016, and the amount of patents filed in the first half year of 2016 has taken up one third of all Xiaomi patents. This means Xiaomi didn’t view patents important in the first two years, which results in Xiaomi retreating from selling abroad. Hopefully Xiaomi will get many more new patents granted in the years to come.

The geo map shows 80% Xiaomi patents are filed in Mainland China, seldom in US, Japan and India. This is bad for Xiaomi wanting to explore the market abroad. Xiaomi had been sued twice in 2013 and 2015 by Blue Spike LLC. The second lawsuit covered almost all Xiaomi smartphones.

The info shows Xiaomi patents distribution and interests, telling Xiaomi still focuses on the application patents for smartphone and related smart devices, which suggests MIUI views the importance of user experiences, and it also tells Xiaomi is really lack of hardware patents. This will be one big disadvantage.

After Xiaomi cooperates with LianXin, Xiaomi should be able to acquire many patents of hardware and chihpset. One interesting thing is Xiaomi also filed many patents regarding water purifier and electric cooker, but still no filed patents on Mi Drone and Ninebot. How Xiaomi and its partners should plan for the patents is a question worth exploring.

To sum up, we can make the following conclusions.

  • Xiaomi was obviously slow and lack of patents in the early years. But it has taken it a serious problem after going through a series of issues, and now has made great progress, out of prediction for many people. And Xiaomi is worth people looking forward to.
  • Xiaomi also obviously hasn’t reserved too few patents for oversea market. This will prevent Xiaomi exploring oversea market in a short term.
  • Xiaomi patent distribution is not in balance. Xiaomi has filed many for user experience and UI, but not many for hardware and chipset and telecommunication. The latter will take a lot of time and resources for Xiaomi, and it is almost impossible for Xiaomi to break out in short time. And the only fast solution is to work with the outside resourse owners and to acquire patents. Xiaomi is working hard on this now.