Deepoon All-in-One VR Headset Review: Probably the best VR headset as of now

At the very beginning of this writing, we want to say a big Thank You to Yang Xiang, a pretty nice girl from Deepoon PR, for her coming a long way from Shanghai to Shenzhen, taking the latest Deepoon products around just for review by serveral media companies and working till late night. We know she must be tired. We really appreciate her effort and sacrifice。

Since Facebook announced investing in Oculus, more and more VR and AR startups are founded and get involved. There are more than 100 startups in VR and AR invested and funded by VCs alone in China. And right now, as of this writing, there are also many cheap VR headsets, cheap VR glasses and other cheap VR products available in Hua Qiang Bei, Shenzhen – the center of the center of world’s electronics. Many are being sold at less than $5.

Choices are so many, expensive and cheap, high quality and low quality, how to make a right choice is really difficult. Our this writing can only help to some extent with this. Hereby we will show you what a VR product Deepoon All-in-One VR Headset is, and if it is worth a try.

Design & Build Quality

I see the solid build quality at first sight of Deepoon All-in-One VR Headset, and when I touch my hands on it, it tells me it is really solid and sturdy. The first sight on Deepoon All-in-One VR Headset, it looks a little bigger than those other VR headsets I experienced. And it also looks a bit more beautiful, though not very impressive. To be honest, as of this writing,out of so many VR products only DloDlo VR Glass looks really impressive to me.

Deepon VR All-In-One Headset
Deepon VR All-In-One Headset

All in all, the outer design of Deepoon All-in-One VR Headset is still very good. If any day in near future, we have chance to disassemble it, we would like to dig into the inner part of it, see how the inner part is designed and what the inner structure is and then do a disassembly review for it. But Deepoon All-in-One VR will totally change your first impression from just so so to greatness when you touch it thanks to the solid quality, you will fall in love with it.

Deepon VR All-In-One Headset
This scoller allows me to ajudst for my short sightedness

I am short sighted, Deepoon also has taken people like me into consideration when designing this headset. It not only allows me to not wear my glass, but also allows me to adjust the range of visibility,so I can enjoy convenience and see clear UI, clear games and clear video.


Deepoon All-in-One VR Headset powers Samsung Exynos 7420 Octa Core CPU clocked and Mali-T760@MP8 GPU. It equips a 2K Samsung AMOLED display of 2560*1440 pixel, and houses a battery of 3000 mAh. Such a battery should make long battery life.

Actually what processor Deepoon All-in-One VR powers and how much memory  it features doesn’t make big sense to users from the surface, because these is not perceived nor felt. However, when I do take it up and start playing it, no matter gaming or video watching, I see no panic, all I see and experience is smoothness and fluidness, I find it WOW, holy shit, awesome. Please be noted as well, since I only have 2 hours to experience it, the test time is not that long, and I may haven’t got chance to meet a panic.


Deepoon All-in-One VR Headset equips a 2K Samsung AMOLED display of 2560*1440 pixel. This great screen shows vivid and sharp image, and makes the virtual world more real. And thus it get users more immersive.


When I first get in the virtual world created by Deepoon VR Headet, it takes me into a big shiny glass room with chairs, tables and tea set. The UI is awesome, it firstly impresses me that what follows will be awesome too. So I keep going. Deepoon allows me to slide the virtual screen in the virutal room by sliding the touchpad on the right side.  I just move my head from left to right, from right to left, then the focused item on the virtual screen will be moved as well. When I stop moving my head, the focus stays on some item, if I want to enter it, just single tap the touchpad on the right side. And then it leads me into gaming, movie, setting etc respectively.

I do all these without user manual. Yang Xiang didn’t give me one.I just do these intuitionally. So it is quite easy to master how to use Deepoon VR All-in-One Headset.

Wearing Experiences

As VR headset is something worn on head. And something worn on head is also different from something worn around hand wrist, such as smartwatch. Head is an organism that hosts brain, eyes, nose, ears, mouth, it is super sensitive to those things worn on it. So I think it is a must to take the wearing experiences out as a standalone section.

This part touching the back of head uses sponge material

As far as now, I have experienced more than 10 VR headsets before Deepoon All-in-One VR Headset, such as MoJing VR Headset. Unfortunately, none of them delivers comfortable wearing experiences. All because the design doesn’t follow ergonomics rules, and more importantly, the material used is not right. When I wore them, they made me feel hurt within minutes. Some even didn’t stay steadily on head and seemed likely to fall off, which subtracted my focus during test.

Deepon VR All-In-One Headset
Deepon VR All-In-One Headset: Ergonomics Design & Soft Material

Deepoon All-in-One VR Headset doesn’t look perfect on first sight, but it obeys ergonomics concepts, plus the material used is very soft, so when I wear it on, it feels comfortable. Deepoon also applies special material to some key parts, such as the part touching nose, the part touching the back of the head and the part touching the skull. These key parts uses material made of sponge. These details are taken good care of by Deepoon, but omitted by many other VR headset makers.

Deepoon All-in-One VR Headset weights 398 grams. Frankly, it is not light, though not heavier than those others. But thanks to its excellent ergonomics design and high quality materials, I don’t feel this weight stands as a big issue during test.

One more thing. Probably because Deepoon All-in-One VR has a compact motherboard, it heats up in about 10 minutes.  Fortunately, Deepoon applies the best design, Deepoon VR headset hasn’t conducted the heat through itself and my head doesn’t feel the heat. I only feel the heat when I take it off. And as I am in a room with air cooled by air conditioner, I am not sure if it will make me hotter in a room without air conditioner.

Interaction Experiences

Once again, as VR headset is something worn on head, it blocks users from the real world and then lock in the virtual world. So the interaction tools and interaction ways is different from those for smartphone and PC, and matters more. Then I take it out as a standalone section as well.

Deepon VR All-In-One Headset
Deepon VR All-In-One Headset: the touchpad on the right side, and the back button, and vol+ and vol- buttons.

Deepoon All-in-One VR Headset carries a touchpad on the right side. It enables users to slide the virtual screen, horizontal and vertical, double tap to enter or confirm, single tap to act or shoot when in gaming. This is really amazing, and rarely seen on other VR headsets.

Deepon VR All-In-One Headset: On the left side lies the power button and a faked touchpad.

Deepoon All-in-One VR Headset is also compatile with a remote wireless bluetooth game controller. The game controller makes gaming more fun and more playful. This is nothing special, but it is a better-have for those game lovers.

Gaming Experiences

Those fields in which VR products is adopted widely at present includes gaming and video.

I tested Mummy Hunters. When testing Mummy Hunters, Deepoon locks me in the virtual world. The image and scenarios are quite real, I feels like I was moved into the mummy room, and then the mummy runs after me, I have to shoot them by tapping the touchpad on the right side. To be honest, maybe I am not brave enough, I feel nervous and my heartbeat rises up fast like those sences are real. Only the sound effect is not that real and not scary enough.

Deepon VR All-In-One Headset
Deepon VR All-In-One Headset: Game Remote Controller

As the Deepoon VR headset I test is still a prototype, many games are not ready yet, I  can’t test more games. So I view two more game demos. The sences are splendid and real.

The only downside is I feel fainted after I tested the games for about 30 munites. Actually this downside is not only Deepoon’s, but also all VR headset makers’.

Movie Experiences

As I said above, what I test is still a prototype, Deepoon only prepared the games for experiences. I wanted to watch VR movie, unfortunately I find none.In the past, I tested other VR headsets to play VR video, but the resolution is quite low, and it looked bad. Yang Xiang told me the movies is in progress or preparation now and will be available in the near future. Hopefully one day soon, I will have the chance to test the video playing for Deepoon VR Headset.


To VR industry, only when a lot of games and videos get available for users to play and watch, then it will bring great impact on people’s lives. Yang Xiang told me Deepoon is working hard to get a hold of a lot of games and videos for its VR platform.

Yang Xiang told me that this Deepoon VR Headset will carries 100+ gamings and 300+ videos. Those 300+ videos are liscensed from Wasu Media. And meanwhile, it carries many builtin Apps, espceially VR Apps.

Pricing & Availability

Deepoon VR All-in-One Headset is priced at 2999 CNY ($462). As of this writing, it is available on as a crowd funding project, and has raised approximately US $1.1 million, and still have 11 days remaing for more funds to come in. Users may wonder why it is more expensive than Samsung Gear VR. The reason Deepoon prices it this high is because it is one VR headset with more functions and more features than Samsung Gear VR. We will make a comparison between Deepoon VR All-in-One Headset and Samsung Gear VR later, please check back time to time.

Yang Xiang told me this Deepoon VR All-in-One Headset will get on sale amidst June of 2016.


  • Excellent ergonomics design delivers great wearing experiences.
  • User-friendly UI design allows users to master it intuitionally.
  • Clear and vivid display gets users immersive.
  • Powerful performance makes smooth and fluid operation.
  • Touch and tap interaction brings convenience.


  • Deepoon All-in-One VR Headset makes users feel fainted. But this is a common issue to all VR headsets as of now. Probably in the near future, some top company will tackle this issue first. I look forward to this.
  • Pricing is still way too high for general users.


To be honest, in my personal opinon, and as I have tested so many VR headsets so far, Deepoon All-in-One VR Headset is probably the best as of now. I mean it  probably is the best in everything except pricing. To shop Deepoon VR, IWEARVR may be one of the best online stores.