BBG Group plans to build a new Brand named IMOO for Students & Kids after it successfully built OPPO & Vivo

Unlike Xiaomi, MEIZU and LeTV, OPPO and Vivo are quite low key, but still makes tons of money. OPPO and Vivo show up on the media news very rarely, but still make way into top 5 smartphone makers in China. IDC’s latest stats shows in Q1 of 2016, OPPO and Vivo even are in Global Top 5 Smartphone Makers, pushing Xiaomi and Lenovo out of the Top 5 list.

Maybe many people don’t know both OPPO and Vivo share a same boss which is BBG Group. Behind BBG Group is Yongping Duan. When I first got to know of this, we were surprised. And then I started to realize that OPPO and Vivo have a lot in common, such as product position, product design and marketing.

IMOO Smartphone for Student & Kid
IMOO Smartphone for Student & Kid

After BBG Group successfully built OPPO and Vivo, BBG plans to build a new smartphone brand named IMOO for students and kids. BBG releases a poster on Sina Weibo citing IMOO, A Study Smartphone for Study Only. And IMOO also releases a first ads on Sina Weibo, shown as above photo.

But why BBG rolls out a new smartphone brand at this time when smartphone growth is going slower and smartphone competition is going more fierce?

The stats shows the students below high school in China is almost 300 million, and most of them, about 80%, are deeply addicted to smartphones. As of now there isn’t any smartphone brand born for students and kids yet.

In addition, BBG survives in education hardware products so far, its main prodoucts are learning machines for students and kids, teaching machines for parents and teachers etc. And after so many year of ads repeating the saying of Click wherever you don’t understand, my mom never worries about my lessons any more. BBG has impressed students and parents deeply.

IMOO Smartphone for Student & Kid
IMOO Smartphone for Student & Kid

So it may be worth BBG giving it a try. Still one more question, will IMOO copy the successes of OPPO and Vivo?

To answer this question, we should start from how OPPO and Vivo started to go big and successful.  First of all, OPPO and Vivo both targets fashion smartphones for selfie feature and music feature etc, precisely finding the targeted audiences. Secondly, OPPO has made a classical lesson of Charge 5 Minutes, Call 2 Hours for smartphone marketing industry in China. Thirdly, OPPO and Vivo spend a lot of money in TV ads. Fourthly, OPPO and Vivo built up a strong and powerful offline distribution channels. OPPO is reportedly to sell 90% of smartphones out through offline stores and to have 200 thousand stores around China. Vivo sells 95% through offline distribution channels.

It looks like BBG can make use of the resourses of OPPO and Vivo to help IMOO to go successful.

BBG hasn’t disclose details on IMOO branded smartphones.  So we don’t know how BBG will make it go successful. Time will see.